Research Popular Topics Related to Your Market


Now that you’ve set up your Kindle Direct Publishing account, chosen one of the four provided
money-making markets on Kindle, and have gotten a feel for what’s already selling well in your
chosen market, it’s time to come up with a specific topic for your book.

In this step, you are figuring out an in-demand topic within your market to create a Kindle book
about. You can just create a book about “weight loss”, “self-help”, etc. You need a niche topic
that people are looking for to create your first Kindle book.

Research Source: Popular Books

Far too often in business, people want to create something new in hopes that they will make
tons of money and be fulfilled through creativity and personal expression at the same time. The
problem with this is that most people are not like you and they don’t have your same interests
and passions.

A far more reliable path to success is looking at what’s already working and making it better.

To create a Kindle book on a topic that you KNOW will appeal to Kindle readers, your first source
of information should be Kindle books that are already selling well.

So, look at the first bestselling Kindle books for your chosen market and determine what specific
topics people are buying.

Chose one popular topic that you see repeated or that appeals to you as your book’s topic.

Remember, the whole purpose of this 7-day program is to get you up and selling a book on
Kindle. Don’t worry about being perfect or expressing your creativity (that can come later). You
just want to create a unique book about a topic that’s in high demand. Choose a topic that is
popular and move on.


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