How to See Your Current FBA Inventory Levels:


Keeping inventory IN STOCK is one of the most profitable things you can spend your time focusing on all the marketing in the world won’t make you any money if you don’t have a product to sell.

How to See Your Current FBA Inventory Levels:

1.    Login to Seller Central

2.    Click Inventory > Manage FBA Inventory

3.    Look at the # in the “Fulfillable” column (that’s your current available inventory level)

To see what the other columns refer to, click “Help” at the topright of youir Seller Central Account > Manage Inventory > Getting Started.

Inventory Management Tips:

Try to keep at least 2 weeks worth of inventory instock

Ask your supplier for quantity discounts

Based on the supplier’s discounts, you may want to order more inventory to save money

.„but, do NOT overorder inventory that you can’t afford


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