Selecting Suppliers & Ordering Product Samples


It’s time to narrow down your list of suppliers and order some samples.

This is absolutely vital.

From looking at photos and reading descriptions you might think you’ve found the best product in the world. But you can’t tell anything about the product for sure until you actually get your hands on a sample and experience it’s quality.

You might be tempted to bypass this step. You might think you can save the money it costs to have a sample product shipped to you.


Too often, samples arrive and they are absolute garbage. Or they have a bad feel, or the features aren’t quite as expected.

There is nothing like getting your hands on, feeling and touching, really evaluating, and even testing different samples.

There is a cost to doing this, of course, and it’s not cheap — unless you view it as an insurance policy.

It’s that important.

To have a product sent to Canada or the US from overseas, it typically costs $50-100.

You don’t need to order samples from everyone. Just narrow it down, and get samples from the absolute top suppliers based on the information you have.

If a supplier has multiple products that are similar or different variations of the product you like, consider ordering additional samples in the same shipment. It might save you some money if they put 2-3 things in one box. And maybe in a few months or a year you’ll want to expand your product line. Or you might like the other samples better.

Get the fastest shipping you can. You want to get your product up and running as fast as possible. So don’t spend weeks or months trying to choose a product, trying to choose a supplier, waiting for samples. Get this done and get selling as fast as possible. Just use express shipping. Try to use your supplier’s shipping account, as that is often the best pricing option. Ask them to use FedEx, DHL, or whatever account they have and shoot the sample over so you get it in a few days.

Often the payment method for shipping samples will be different from your larger order payment method. For example, the supplier might require a Western Union transfer for the sample even if they will accept a different payment method for a full order.


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