Seller Central Setup Walkthrough


Seller Central Setup Walkthrough


The purpose of this lesson is to walk you through the bare bones of setting up your ‘Seller Central’ account. Later on we’re going to cover more detailed things, such as how to run reports, add products, etc., but right now we’ll focus on setting up your account so you’ll be ready when we get to those later modules.

Getting Started

login in sellercentral

To get started selling on Amazon, you first need to set up a “Seller Central” member account. This can be done by visiting If you already have an account, just simply log in to get to your Amazon seller dashboard.

If you don’t have an account, click the “Register Now” link, which will take you to another screen where you can choose your “Seller” option. While you have a couple of options, trust me when I tell you that you’re going to want to choose the option “Sell Professionally”.

It’s not only the better option but right now you are actually going to get one month free.

seller trialThe difference between the two selling options, in terms of price, is the “Sell Professionally” option is $39.99/month plus the other selling fee. The other selling fee is the percentage Amazon takes whenever you sell stuff on Amazon (this is pretty standard and there’s no way to avoid it). The “Sell Your Stuff option is 99 cents per sale. With this option you can only sell 40 items per month, but you avoid the $39.99/month fee. While it does save you the monthly fee, the only way you’re going to be able to do everything I teach you is if you select “Sell Professionally”. So don’t waste your Trust me; the monthly fee of $39.99 is not going to matter  at  all.

“Sell Professionally”

Under the banner “Sell Professionally”, you’ll click the ”Start Selling” button. As you can see, it says “Register and Start Selling Today”. This is for people located in the United States, but even if you’re outside the United States, I’ll teach how to get set up with that in another video in this module. So, don’t worry, if you need to come back to this video that’s perfectly fine.

Once you’re ready to go, you’re going to start filling out the information, starting with the following:

1.    Name

2.    Email

As far as this email goes, you want this to be separate, in my opinion, from anything else you’re doing on Amazon. Whether you have a personal account where you buy stuff on Amazon, or you have a Kindle account where you sell Kindle books, or maybe you do some sort of Amazon affiliated marketing with Amazon associates, you want this email to be separate from everything else, just to keep things separate. It helps with a lot of things down the road. The good thing is you can always change this later, because the email address and the password are what you use to sign into your Seller Central account and they can be changed whenever you want. So go ahead and enter the email address.

Another thing to think about is if you setting up a separate business just to sell stuff on Amazon, this can be whatever that business name is: i.e. You can also specify different emails for receiving order notifications, customer service emails, etc.. Those can actually be completely separate from this.

3.    Create your password

4.    Legal Name

If you have a business, you will want to enter the business name i.e. John’s Online Retail LLC. Now, if you don’t have a business and you are just receiving payments under your own name, being paid directly to you and you just going to pay taxes on that later, then you would enter your own name. So, you can obviously change that later, but you want to make sure you enter this correctly.

5.    Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement

6.    Select “I have read and accepted the terms and conditions of the Agreement”.

NOTE: on the right you will see “Fulfillment by Amazon”, “no monthly subscription fees”. You’ll want to leave that on. It will be critical later on.

7.    Select “Continue”.

Upon clicking “Continue”, you’re brought to a screen that says “Welcome (your name) … You are registered with Amazon Seller Central…..A confirmation email has been sent to (your email address)” [screen capture]. Now you will have to enter the Seller Information, beginning with the “Display Name”.

Entering Seller Information

There are a few fields on this screen. One of particular interest is the following:

• Display Name – Your display name is the name that is actually shown on Amazon whenever you’re selling products. Now, this does not have to be the brand name of your products. I actually recommend that it’s not the brand name of your products but instead is just a general name for your Amazon business. This can be changed later and is not a huge deal. You’re going to want to enter something here that kind of matches the market you’re going to be in. Now if you don’t know, then that’s a perfect reason why you’re going to want to change it later.

For example, if you want to sell electronics you don’t want it to be “John’s Holistic Care Seller” or something like that because it doesn’t really match the market. Since you may not know what market you would like to get into at this point in the training, just enter anything right now … it doesn’t really matter; i.e. John Smith Online.

Continue filling in the remaining information and then click ‘Save & Continue”.

Payment Information

The next step requires you to add your credit card information. The reason it wants you to enter this is for that $39.95/month fee. Even though that is actually going to be free for the first month, you have to enter your credit card information here to cover that. Obviously, if you need to change the billing address, do that. Now I believe you can actually use a prepaid credit card to for this little bit of information, so if you want to do that, it’s an option. Otherwise, enter any sort of credit or debit card number and you can get past this step.

Identity Verification

The next step, “Identity Verification”, was not required previously, but apparently it is now. So you’re going to make sure they can verify your identity through a phone number, either through a call or text message. They just don’t want people setting up accounts in bulk and doing all that kind of stuff, so just go ahead and get this verified so you can move past this step as well.

Business or Personal Information

In this step they are going to get the information regarding your business or, if you’ve chosen to enter your personal information, they’re going to gather your personal information. This is to track their own tax liability and to be able to pay you for the payments that you receive on Amazon.

I’m not going to walk you through this whole thing, but you would just click “Launch Interview Wizard” and they will ask you basic information that is required for setting up your business or personal information to receive payments in Amazon.


Once you’re finished entering in all the information they want, click “Continue” and you will have access to your live Seller Central account. At this point, that is really all you need to do right now. There’s tons of stuff inside your Seller Central account which we’ll cover more about later: looking at products, processing orders, all those different kinds of things. It’s built for people who know absolutely nothing about online marketing or running an online business. I’m sure you all are a few steps ahead of those people, but either way it’s all very easy to use. You don’t need to worry about all that right now. It’s just a matter of getting this set up so that then you can move to the next step of researching products. Then, once you find a good product, a supplier, and the remainder of what we will be covering, you can actually add those products to your Seller Central account.


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