Seller Feedback and Your Seller Rating


Your product listing page contains a link to an “About” page for your brand. This page includes a “Feedback Rating” summary on the top left as well as information about “Recent Feedback” and your “Feedback History” on the right, as shown below:

Seller Feedback and Your Seller Rating-1

In this example, JEDirect has earned 4.9 out of 5 stars over the past 12 months based on 29,379 ratings. That looks good. Amazon uses metrics like seller feedback to rank accounts, so you want to manage this and make sure yours looks good too.

To find your seller rating:

1.    Log in to your Seller Central account.

2.    Open the “Performance” drop-down menu.

3.    Select “Feedback.”

This brings you to the “Customer Satisfaction” page:

Seller Feedback and Your Seller Rating-2

Here you can see your rating over the past 12 months, your total number of ratings, an overview by time period, and a chronological list of recent feedback with the following information categories:

■    Date

■    Rating

■    Comments

■    Arrived on time (yes/no)

■    Item as described (yes/no)

■    Customer service

■    Order ID

■    Rater email (encrypted)

■    Rater role

This is intended to give customers an opportunity to provide feedback on a seller, not the product sold (that goes in a product review). Often, however, customers use this feature to provide feedback about a product or delivery issue.

Negative reviews here hurt your seller feedback rating, and you want to keep that rating as high as possible. So you may want to try and get rid of any ratings that are four stars or lower (unless you get a particularly good review that happens to be only four stars).

Here’s how to remove negative seller feedback:

1.    Copy the Order ID, go to the bottom of the page, and click “Contact Seller Support.”

2.    Select “Selling on Amazon”

3.    Open the “Customers and Orders” drop-down menu.

4.    Select “Customer Feedback”

5.    Paste in the Order ID and click the “Search” button.

6.    Click the box with your reason for appealing the customer feedback. You can have feedback removed for the following reasons: obscene language, personal information, product feedback, Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) feedback and other.

7.    Use the box marked “Additional Information” to emphasize your request. For example, you might write: “Please remove. This is a product review.”

Note: Amazon may take up to 24 hours to remove the review.

Most buyers do not understand the difference between seller feedback and product reviews, and you will get lots of feedback ratings that are actually product reviews or contain elements of a review. To convert those ratings into reviews, just click the Order ID, click customer name, and contact the customer directly.

Write a simple message thanking you customer for the feedback and asking them to post it as a product review. Rather than blame them or say they did something wrong, put the blame on Amazon. Tell them Amazon put their product review in the wrong place.

Start with “Hello,” and use the customer’s name. Thank them for leaving the feedback and the seller feedback rating. Explain that it appears Amazon has put that rating in the wrong place. Say Amazon listed it as seller feedback and not as a product review. Ask very nicely if they would please take a couple of minutes to post it as a review.

Paste the entire seller feedback comment into your message, so the customer can just copy and paste the words into a product review, and encourage them to do so. Give them the link to submit a review for your product. Make it as easy as possible for them.

Let them know you understand how busy they are and that you really appreciate their help. Thank them again for their seller feedback and for being a customer.

There’s no need to remove the seller feedback unless it’s lowering your rating.


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