Why You Should Start with Amazon.com (US)?


We recommend setting up on Amazon.com (US) first — even if you plan to move to your local Amazon platform or any other platform once you are established — for the following reasons:

■    Amazon.com (US) is by far the largest market, which means your products will have a much bigger audience.

■    Amazon.com (US) also has a large amount of traffic, making it much easier to test your product and your marketing.

■    People in the US are far more comfortable buying from Amazon than people in any other country, which means your sales in the US will be higher.

■    People in the US are also more likely to give feedback and be fair in their reviews.

■    Your reviews from the US will show on your listing in other countries once you start selling there.

If you live in another country with it’s own Amazon platform (e.g., UK, Germany, France), you should still use Amazon US as you go through this program.

It is just as easy to set up your US account from where you live, and you can use your local bank accounts and details.

It is also just as easy to get your products to the US.

In fact everything is just as easy if not easier, and there is far more profit to be made in Amazon US.


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