The Hot Product Opportunity Criteria


Be sure to pick a product that meets the following criteria:

   Sells for $10-60. This will help you keep out-of-pocket expenses low, especially for your first inventory order.

   Is lightweight (under 1lb.) and small. This will save you in shipping costs and allow you to keep more profit.

   Can be private labeled. Find a product that’s already being manufactured by a company that will let you use your own personal branding. This allows you to control pricing and marketing, as well as to incorporate your brand into other products as your business grows.

Don’t worry if a product is being sold by Amazon and/or other major brands. We will show you how to take a product and run with it, no matter what the competition is.

Avoid: books, eBooks, magazines, MP3 downloads, software/apps, and restricted categories — which require special approval, and we encourage you to keep things simple

Looking for a Product

Go to and click “Shop by Department” on the top left.

Picking a Product to Sell The Hot Product Opportunity Criteria-1In the dropdown menu that opens, scroll down and click “Full Store Directory”

Avoid products in the left two columns, with the exception of “Electronics and Computers.”

Picking a Product to Sell The Hot Product Opportunity Criteria-2

Some categories on the right side (e.g., “Appliances,” “Cycling,” “Hardware”) contain heavy and expensive top-of-mind products (e.g., washing machines, bicycles, tools), but they also contain accessory items. So be sure to check them out.

Amazon has plenty of categories for you to go through and start getting hot product ideas. Here are some examples:

Kitchen & Dining

From the full store directory, click “Kitchen & Dining” and scroll down to “Kitchen & Dining Deals.”
kitchen-dining■    The “Best Meat BBQ Cooking Grill and Oven Thermometer” is priced between $10-60. It is small, lightweight, and something you could brand.

■    The bread maker is outside the recommended price range. It is also heavy and big. Not what you are looking for.

■    The “Mini Personal Portable Oven” looks like it folds up into a small size. You’d have to click on it to see if it fits all the criteria, but it does fit your price range and could probably be privately labeled. With “Hot Logic” as the company name, this one was probably branded by someone like you. It could work.

■    Skip items (like the baking cups) that are selling for less than $10.

Scroll down some more to “Top Rated Cutting Boards.”

Top Rated Cutting Boards■ The bamboo, 3-piece cutting board meets your price criteria. It looks small and lightweight. It could work.

■ The insulated mugs are within your price range. They will be lightweight and small. They could probably be branded. The company shown, Contigo, is probably a private brand.

■ The 12-piece knife set is by a recognizable brand name, Cuisinart, but it’s just a generic knife set that could easily be made and sourced. And it fits the other criteria.

Exercise & Fitness

Back in the full store directory, under “Sports & Outdoors,” click “Exercise & Fitness,” and scroll down.

Exercise & Fitness■ Some products, like the workout bike, are not going to fit the criteria at all — too big, too heavy.

• But the yoga mat is going to be very light. It might be a little bigger in size, but it can probably fold up. And you could privately brand it. So it could be a good opportunity.

• The boxing gloves are sold by Everlast, but they could be privately branded. And they probably meet the price criteria.

Scroll down to see more categories. Some, like “Cardio Equipment,” “Free Weights,” and “Home Gym Equipment” will probably not work. Others, like “Abs & Arms” or “Balance and Recovery” are more likely to contain sub-categories that meet the criteria.

For example, every product under “Exercise Balls” meets the criteria. They are on the low end of $10-60, they are small and light, and they could be easily branded.


Back in the full store directory, under “Toys, Kids & Baby,” click “Baby.”

Scroll down to “Baby & Toddler Toys Under $25.” Every single one of these products looks like it fits our criteria.

Toys, Kids & Baby


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