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The purpose of this lesson is to introduce you to the “Ultimate Promotion System”. This is a system that enables you to promote any Amazon product, including Kindle books, physical books, drop-shipped products, private label products and wholesale products.

This lesson builds on a lot of the other lessons covered in this training, including the “DropShipping” module, the “Private Label and Wholesale” module, the “Amazon Kindle” module and especially the “Promotion” module, so if you haven’t already gone through those lessons, you can continue with this lesson to get a good overview of the “Ultimate Promotion System” but you want to make sure you go through those other lessons before you start implementing any of this.


This system will work for ANY product on Amazon. So whether you are looking to promote a Kindle book, a physical book, a drop-shipped product, a private label product, or a wholesale product, the steps included in this system can be implemented to promote that product.

If the product you want to promote is a Kindle book, you definitely want to go through the “Kindle Sales Strategy” lesson (found in the “Amazon Kindle” module) first, THEN do these steps for each book you’re promoting.

“Ultimate Promotion System” Steps

There are several steps to this system. They are as follows:

Step 1: Pick a product to promote.

Regardless of the type of product, you want to make sure you select a product and that it is ready to go.

Step 2: Create an Amazon listing for the new product.

For this step, you want to:

•    Make sure your keywords are chosen, no matter where you’re going to put them (title, product description, etc.).

•    Have your product title and description prepared and your keywords all targeted well and set up correctly as shown in earlier lessons.

•    Have a good product image that stands out.

Step 3: Keep price low initially.

For this step:

•    This is especially true if you’re selling a physical product and can be done through lowering the listing price or through temporary promotion.

•    It doesn’t necessarily have to be the case for Kindle books as these can sell at a low price already (e.g. $0.99), but if you wanted to start there and bump up the price later after it starts doing well, that would be an option.

Step 4: Activate multiple accounts.

As covered in a previous lesson, these would be any accounts you can get to act on your behalf to do a few things related to promotion for you. These accounts would be linked to:

•    friends

•    family members

•    business partners

•    social network connections (Facebook, Twitter)

•    customer list

•    outsourcers

•    your own multiple accounts

Step 5: Perform a massive listing activity burst.

For this step, you’re going to take all those multiple accounts you have active and have them:

•    purchase your book

•    review your book

•    tag your book

•    “like” your book

You will have this done in as short a time as possible. On Google this is typically not a good idea but on Amazon this can actually work in your favor as it will be seen by Amazon that your product is now popular.

Step 6: Get top 5 products in related market(s).

For this step, it means:

•    Download Kindle books related to yours, perhaps even free download (if available).

o FREE way – look at physical books at the local bookstore.

•    Buy physical products.

o FREE way – for high price items, instead of buying just visit a local store that carries the same product and check it out there (e.g. Wal-Mart).

What you’re trying to do is get a real idea of what these products are about because you will be writing reviews on them so you want to be able to write honest, legitimate reviews stemming from actual hands-on experience of the products.

Step 7: Write good reviews of related products and link to your product.

For this step:

•    You tie in a link to your product as a way of leveraging the traffic for the reviewed product to get greater exposure for your own product, which can boost up your purchases a lot in the beginning.

•    If possible, get other accounts (e.g. your multiple accounts and/or friends, family, etc.) to do the same.

Step 8: Write a Kindle book to boost purchases.

For this step, if you’re selling a physical product, write a Kindle book about a related topic and add a reference with a link back to your physical product listing.

Note: you will want to see the “Amazon Kindle” module to learn more about how to do this.

Step 9: Promote on outside web properties.

These outside web properties are low-hanging fruit simply because you have control over them so you want to make sure you promote your Amazon product on these properties. Examples of outside web properties are:

•    Website

•    Blog

•    Facebook

•    Twitter

•    Email list – send an email requesting they buy or at least write a review on your product.

Step 10: SEO your Amazon product listing.

For this step:

•    Grab your listing URL. Visit your product on Amazon to grab the URL. The only portion of the URL you need is that which is shown underlined in red in the following image:


•    Create a YouTube video and in the description provide a link to whatever Amazon product listing you want to promote. This video will:

o Be something related to your market and may be specifically about the product.

o Have your keyword as the title.

o Promote both your YouTube video and your Amazon listing using a press

release. This is a good way to get some really fast activity on both of those and to help boost them in the search rankings.

•    Drive links to your Amazon listing URL and your YouTube video URL with the anchor text of your keyword to get fast keyword rankings for whatever you are trying to target, which will boost your Amazon purchases. You can do this using Fiverr.com, Traffic Kaboom, OneHourBackLinks.com, HighPRSociety.com, etc.

10 Step Recap

To recap the steps involved with the “Ultimate Promotion System”:

1.    Pick a product to promote

2.    Create an Amazon listing

3.    Keep price low (initially)

4.    Activate multiple accounts

5.    Perform massive listing activity burst

6.    Get top 5 related products

7.    Write good reviews with link to your listing

8.    Write Kindle book to boost purchases

9.    Promote product on outside web properties

10.    SEO

After 10 Steps

Once you’ve completed all of these steps, you then want to do the following:

•    Increase your price to the desired selling price. Watch where you’re ranking relative to your competitors in whatever category you’re trying to target and see how many purchases you are getting as this will play a part in how you play around with the price.

•    More SEO. Keep driving up the number of links to your Amazon listing URL to get it ranking higher and higher for more competitive keywords

•    If you need an additional boost, get the multiple accounts to:

o Do more reviews, purchases, likes and tags

o Write more Kindle books to promote this product

•    If you’re doing a Kindle product promotion like what was covered in the “Kindle Sales Strategy” lesson, you will do more “KDP Select” periods as covered in that lesson.


As stated at the beginning of this lesson, the “Ultimate Promotion System” can be applied to any Amazon product. The steps are straightforward enough but you want to make sure to go through the various modules to make sure you understand the details and that you implement the steps in the correct way. Then, you can come back to this lesson and use it as a summary guide of all the steps you need to implement in your promotion of your Amazon products.

All said and done, this should result in a very successful promotion of all your products and an increase in purchases for each product you promote.


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