Understanding Promotions


Customers love promotions because customers love to save money. A promotion offers an incentive for a customer to make a buying decision sooner rather than later, or to choose one product or seller over another.

When shopping online, customers look at the whole range of promotional offerings. For a promotion to be effective:

•    The customer must know about it.

•    The promotion must offer sufficient value to favorably influence the customer’s choice.

Manage Promotions, on the Advertising link, helps you create promotions, including discounts, free shipping, free products, and external incentives, such as loyalty points. For more information, see Types of Promotions.

You also can create claim codes that a buyer must enter when they place an order.

We display your promotion on the product detail page only when your offer wins the Buy Box. We do not guarantee that any particular seller’s listing will win the Buy Box. For more information, see How the Buy Box Works.


Amazon restricts the following categories from free-shipping promotional offers:

•    Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) orders

•    Books, Music, Video and DVD (BMVD) products

Applying Promotions

All promotion discounts are applied to the original order subtotal. Promotions do not accumulate.

For example, if a buyer receives both a $10.00 discount and a 10% discount on a $100.00 order subtotal, we calculate the total discount as follows:

$10.00 discount: $100.00 – $10.00 = $90.00

10% discount: $100.00 x 10% = $10.00 discount = $90.00

Total discount: $20.00

There are combinability rules that affect how promotions with claim codes are applied. For more information, see Claim Codes and Combinability.

Anatomy of a Promotion

This section outlines the shared qualities of a promotion. Each promotion type has features unique to its type. For information on how to use Manage Promotions, see Creating a Promotion.

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions define the policies and restrictions for the promotions you offer. You are responsible for editing the default Terms & Conditions to clearly define your own policies and restrictions.

Clarity and accuracy are critical to ensure that customers understand the eligibility and benefits of your promotion. Errors in the setup or execution of a promotion may result in outcomes that do not correspond to the advertised Terms & Conditions. This can result in customer complaints or, when the outcome is to the customer’s advantage, in unplanned costs.

If you offer multiple promotions for a single product, be careful that the promotions do not result in unintended consequences. For information about coordinating your promotions to avoid unplanned costs, see Claim Codes and Combinability.

Customers are responsible for following the requirements laid out in Terms & Conditions. For example, if your Terms & Conditions state that a customer will receive a bonus item with an eligible purchase, the customer must add all products described in the promotional offer to their shopping cart in order to receive the bonus item. Meeting the promotion’s qualifications does not automatically add the free product to the customer’s shopping cart .

Common Terms & Conditions may include the following:

Terms & Conditions Definitions Examples
Eligibility The items that are eligible for a promotion. Be as specific as possible. All kitchen items priced at or below $200.
Exclusions The items that are not eligible for a promotion. Excludes linens.
Returns & Cancellations Your policies regarding refunds in case of returns or cancelled orders. No partial refunds available. We cannot cancel orders after they are shipped.
Purchase Requirements & Rules Specifics of the offer, to more finely tune what is and what is not included. We do not count gift wrap, taxes, or shipping towards the minimum purchase amount to qualify for the promotion.
Eligibility Window

Shipping Eligibility
The exact time that an offer begins and ends.

Where you will or will not ship to. Types of shipping that youwill or will not offer.

This offer ends 11:59 p.m. Pacific time (PST), on Friday, December 23, 2021.
This offer is not available to residents
of Alaska or Hawaii. 

Promotion Rules

Terms & Conditions express the promotional offer in the customer’s language. Promotion rules describe the actions a customer must take to be eligible and the outcome (or promotion) that applies.

There are two kinds of promotion rules:

•    Eligibility rules: Determines whether the customer is eligible for or meets the

requirements for a given promotion. For example, a customer must purchase a minimum quantity, dollar amount, or specific product.

•    Outcome rules: Determines the benefit or outcome of an eligible purchase. Outcomes

may apply to the whole order or to parts of the order only. For example, a fixed dollar discount or a percentage discount.

Claim Codes

Claim codes are optional. You specify your claim-code preferences when you create promotions.

For promotions with claim codes, the buyer must enter the code at checkout to benefit from the promotion. If you require that a buyer enters a claim code, you can limit the promotion to one redemption per buyer. If you are offering several promotions, you can choose to allow customers to enter multiple claim codes for increased savings.

For more information, see Claim Codes and Combinability.

Promotional Messaging

You are responsible for customizing the Terms & Conditions for your promotions, along with any promotional messaging that appears on your product pages or at checkout.

The Detail Page display text that you create in Manage Promotions displays on the product detail page only when your offer wins the Buy Box.

You have the following options for messaging your promotions:

Messaging Option Description
None Turns off promotional messaging on product detail pages.


Uses the default Detail Page display text on the product detail page for eligible items while the promotion is active.
Displays your custom message on the product detail page for eligible items while the promotion is active. Also displays claim code information, if applicable, and restriction text.

Types of Promotions

The following chart shows the types of promotions you can offer using Manage Promotions.



Benefit Options Example


•    Buy $X or more, and get free shipping on qualifying products

•    Buy n items or more, and get free shipping on qualifying products

• Spend $250 or more, and get free priority shipping on all jewelry orders
Money Off •    Buy $X or more, and get $Y off purchase of qualifying products

•    Buy $X or more, and get

Y% off qualifying products

•    Buy n items or more, and get $Y off purchase of qualifying products

•    Buy n items or more, and get Y% off qualifying products

•    Buy every n items, and get $Y off purchase of qualifying products

•    Buy every n items, and get Y% off qualifying products

•    Buy every n items at a fixed reduced price

•    Spend $25 or more and receive $5 off

•    Save 30% on this item when you purchase one or more qualifying items

•    For every 5 pairs of socks purchased, save 20%

Buy One, Get One •    Buy $X or more, and get n items for free on qualifying products

•    Buy N items or more, and get n items for free on qualifying products

•    Buy every N items, and get n items for free on qualifying products

•    Buy 2 lipsticks, and get 1 free

•    Buy 1 muffin pan, get 1 box of muffin cups free

•    For every 5 pencils purchased, get a pencil sharpener for free



•    Buy $X or more, and get a post-order benefit

•    Buy n items or more, and get a post-order benefit

• Receive free instructional video with purchase

Helpful Links

•    Creating a Promotion

•    Creating a Product List


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