Use this Multi-Channel Software to Automate Your Business and Simplify Your Life


!(WARNING! This Software Can Seriously Save You LOTS Of Time)

First let me be clear..

The only reason I’ve included this ‘resource sheet’ is because I mentioned it in the video and this definitely isn’t for everyone. In fact if you’re just starting out or if you don’t already turnover a considerable amount of sales then that’s totally fine – you can skip reading the rest of this page.

Although I did mention it and so here it is and even if you don’t need it right now it might come in handy once you’ve established your brand and your sales are beginning to take off skywards.

After careful consideration of various software platforms I decided that the most cost effective solution would probably be more ideally suited to your needs. By using this software you’ll be able to automate your order processing for Amazon, eBay,, Play, Sears, Magento, Shopify, 3dCart, Volusion and many other shopping carts.

When you install the software you’ll also be able to..

•    Manage your sales orders from multiple sales channels all from one screen

•    Process orders with built in order processing and order allocation Push tracking numbers back to your sales channels

•    No more overselling – Sync your inventory levels across all your sales channels

•    Monitor sales from all your online channels and input or import your offline orders

•    Analyze your sales from the built in visual sales graphs and sales analytics

..and much more.

When you visit the multi channel software website you’ll see they do have ‘paid versions’ of the software although if you have less than 200 products to manage, you can select the ‘Free Express’ version which allows you to use the software totally free of charge.

To Get the FREE Version of the Multi Channel Software, Follow the Steps Below..

(this is my affiliate link by the way so you certainly don’t need to use it if you don’t want to!) Step 1. Click here to goto the software’ website

Try Us for Free


Step 2. Click the big green ‘Try Us for Free’ button at the bottom right hand side of the page..

Step 3. On the New User Registration page, select the Free ‘Linnworks Express’ Option and complete the registration form..

Linnworks Express


download install


Step 4. From your Linnworks ‘My Account’ page click the ‘Download and Install’ button

Step 5. As soon as you’ve downloaded and installed the free software, you can proceed to setup your installation. At first glance the Linnworks software can seem complex since it is a highly sophisticated system capable of handling almost any business model that sells physical products.

Although don’t let this distract you as you’ll be able to chose only to setup the modules that apply specifically to your business and your needs.

NOTE! Setting up this software to work with all of your seller and merchant accounts does involve some considerable setup time, although I will be able to point my personal coaching clients in the right direction to get this setup if you need it.

This software is certainly not for everyone although if you DO plan to sell your products on multiple platforms I would definitely recommend that you consider investing time to setup a software system to make your life easier by automating what would have otherwise been ‘laborious manual tasks’ in your business.


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