Using Amazon’s Seller Support


In this video we’ll go over the much underutilized Seller Support that Amazon offers to all sellers in order to show you how to use it, which type of contact methods to use, and which situations are best for each.

Seller Support Overview
While Amazon is definitely a customer focused company, they also realize that their Sellers
provide a vital part of their business. To help support their Sellers, they have a dedicated Seller Support department and a good set of online documentation to help answer questions we might have.
Accessing Seller Support
To access Seller Support, you can click on the “Contact Seller Support” button from within any screen that you see it. Many times it will take you right into the appropriate support section based upon what screen you were coming from. If you don’t see that button on your screen, you can click on the “Help” link at the top and then you will see it.

listing products

After clicking on Contact Seller Support, you will be taken to their main support screen, where you can walk through the various types of issues you might have by clicking on the links on the left.

select topic

To begin the process, simply select the best options for your issue and continue drilling down
into them until you get to the final contact screen where you enter the information regarding
your issue:

ask issue

      When you get to that screen, enter all of the requested information, and then select the appropriate contact method:
    • Email
    • Phone
    • Chat

Deciding which is the best contact method to use.


    Selecting this option will have a Seller Support representative contact you (you do NOT call them) and is best used when you have an urgent need (make sure it really is urgent) or you have something that you would like Seller Support to walk you through doing. Seller Support excels at this (showing people step by step how to do things in their account), and here are some good examples of when to have them phone you:

  • How do I setup a Parent/Child relationship?
  • What is the process for Brand Registry?
  • How do the different types of Promotions work and which one should I choose?

Email: Selecting this option will initiate an email conversation which can take some time resolve due to the amount of time it takes to get a response to each email. If you are not in the United States and cannot receive phone calls from Seller Support, this may be your best option. Also, if you have an issue where you definitely want their response documented (for example, you want to get clarification on an Amazon policy), this can be another reason to choose this method.
Chat: This option is somewhere in between Phone and Email, but you might be better off
talking on the phone instead of this option as you will have a reps dedicated focus that way.
Special Seller Support Option – Removing Negative Seller Feedback
As discussed in Matt’s video about having virtually all negative Seller Feedback removed, this is accomplished using the Contact Seller Support feature and submitting the order number that the feedback is for. While you can navigate to the correct form (Go to Orders then Customer Feedback Problems), there is also another way to do this:

  • From your Seller Central account home page, click one Customer Feedback inside your
    Performance widget.
  • Click on View All Feedback to look for negative seller feedback.
  • When you find one, highlight and copy the order number.
  • At the bottom of the screen click on Contact Seller Support.

This will automatically take you to the correct form that you can use to enter in the order
number and reason that the feedback should be removed.


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