Using Coupon and Deal Sites to Help Launch Your Product


Purpose of this Lesson

In this lesson we are going to show you how to tap into the selling power of the many different coupon and deal sites on the internet. These give you the chance to help launch your product to get a quick burst of sales, as well as run additional promotions throughout the year.

Examples of Coupon/Deal Sites

•    The internet is FILLED with sites that allow consumers to share information on great deals that they have found on the internet.

•    Below are just a few examples of such sites, but you can find tons more by searching on the internet.M6 - Coupon and Deal Sites-2

 Why use these sites?

•    These sites, when used correctly, can be a fantastic way to launch your product and get a huge burst of sales.

•    You can also periodically (every 2-3 months) share other promotions that you are running on these sites to give your product a sales boost.

•    Important: These sites are made up of customers who love great deals, so if your offer is good enough, it can easily go viral and help you sell hundreds (if not more) of your products, so make sure that you setup your promotions accurately and have enough inventory to handle such a surge.

What do you need to know about these sites?

•    These sites are Consumer Driven – and are not designed for sellers/retailers to sell their products and get free advertising.

•    You are NOT the owner of these sites – so if you want to participate in them, you need to try and follow their rules and contribute like any other shopper or member.

How to use the Coupon/Deal Sites

To properly “season” your accounts, you will want to begin setting up your accounts a few weeks prior to launching your promotion. The longer it is before you post your first deal, and the more active you have been prior, the better your chances to have your deal go well.

Step 1: Create an account

o Use a persona and a generic email address, NOT one tied to your company or brand

o Fill out as much profile information as possible

o Add a picture or avatar

o If the deal site is only for U.S. residents, you may need to get a proxy service in order to set your account up 

Step 2: Participate in the site

o For at least 1 to 2 weeks, visit the site just like any other member looking to find or share great deals. You should try to spend about 5-10 minutes a day on the site that you plan on sharing your deal with. 

o Find products that you own and are familiar with and make comments on what you do/do not like about them. You should really try to contribute to the site and be seen a valued new member

o Follow some of the more popular people on those sites and vote up their deals (each site has its own way of “voting” on deals) 

o Perhaps even post your own deal that you find (but NOT for your own product nor any other ASM product).

Step 3: Post your deal

o After a few weeks, you can post your own deal to their site following their rules and guidelines.

o Your deal has to be a GREAT deal in order to take off on its own. 10%-20% off promotions simply won’t cut it on these sites, so make sure that your deal is a great one (like 30-50% off at least).

o This amount off should be off of your normal selling price, not your retail price.These are smart buyers, so they know no one ever pays retail.

o Your deal should have a sense of urgency to it, such as it expires at midnight or the next day.

o Share how you found out about the deal, such as via email, another deal site, or a Facebook page that you follow

o Remember, you are a consumer who came across this deal, NOT someone who is selling it so act accordingly

o Do NOT write your deal using any type of Ad copy. These sites can small a marketer a mile away, so remember to post this as a buyer of your product…not a seller.

o After posting the deal, do NOT comment on it. People may not like your product or may make some disparaging remarks, so it’s important not to take it personally since you are NOT the seller…remember? 

o If your deal is a good one, it will take off all on its own. There should be no need to ask people to go and vote on it, since that has risks of its own.

• Step 4: Round 2

o Once your deal is over, you do NOT want to run another deal for at least 2-3 months. Doing so risks getting your account banned from posting and also reduces the value of your deals.

o If possible, start sharing your deals for your product on your company’s social media sites and you might find that your sales get picked up all on their own

Final Thoughts

•    Using coupon & deal sites is not a long term marketing strategy, but simply one of the many, many tools in your arsenal to get you a burst of sales from time to time.

•    At some point, one of the sites may very well flag or suspend your account, but do NOT let it bother you nor take it personally.

•    We have created a brand new section in the forums for sharing sites, strategies, and information on this topic, so be sure to check it out from time to time.


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