Using Kindle Books to Promote Physical Products



In previous lessons you learned how to promote Kindle books and how to promote physical products. In this lesson you will learn not how to promote physical products but how to use Kindle books to promote physical products.

Promotion through Kindle Books

In order to demonstrate this method, the randomly selected Amazon product “24” X 68″ Dark Blue Yoga Mat” is being used.

Now, whether this product is a drop-shipped product or private-label product, you have decided to sell it on Amazon. You’re currently in the process of implementing all of the promotion strategies you’ve learned so far and you’re now considering using the Kindle book strategy.

To do so, you decide to write a book related to your physical product. It is important that the book relates to the product in order to properly answer the question of what people who buy your physical product would look for as a relevant informational product. In this case, you choose to write about various yoga exercises.

Your next step, then, is to write the book and publish it on Kindle. Once uploaded, you want to implement all the promotion strategies you’ve learned to this point to get your book ranked high.

If you did everything correctly to this point, you will now be able to connect people to your physical product using your Kindle book to do so. The ways you go about doing that are:

• Link to your product from within your book – adding a linked reference to your physical product can result in greater numbers of purchases as people consider the relational relevance of that product to the book they purchased. You don’t even have to mention the product is yours… just simply integrate the reference smoothly into the content and add the Amazon link to it (e.g. “Something that can help make your exercises more comfortable is this nice and affordable yoga mat you can find on Amazon (link)”).

Since you are providing an Amazon link, you can avoid or at least reduce the level of mistrust that sometimes occurs when authors link to products outside of Amazon. This kind of tactic can leave the reader with a feeling of being coerced into buying an unneeded or unrelated product, a feeling you see reflected sometimes in reviews. By having a related product available on Amazon, there’s a tendency to be more trusting of the author’s intent.

Note: when adding the link in your reference, try using a URL-shortening service like or

• Write your own review of your own product – Amazon permits the writing of reviews on your own product. Here, you will write a review of your Kindle book and put a link to your physical product in the review. When the review gets promoted to the “Most Helpful…” review section, people will see your review and can then follow the link to the physical product. With this increased exposure, you increase the opportunity for more and more purchases. As well, you can then write a review of your physical product which points back to your Kindle book.


With Amazon promoting Kindle books so much, this method is clearly a good strategy to implement when wanting to promote your physical products. The added benefit is that you won’t just get sales for your original product (e.g. the yoga mat) but you’ll also get sales on a second product – your Kindle book.


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