What is KDP Select Program?

 KDP Select Program


The purpose of this lesson is to introduce you to the KDPSelect (KS) program. You’ll learn what the program is and how you can benefit from it.


Recall how in previous lessons the KS program was referenced at various times, such as during creation of your “Kindle Direct Publishing” (KDP) account or when adding a book to KDP. So what is it?

The KS program is a program whereby Amazon has allotted a fund that will allow you to offer your book for free for 5 days in a 90 day period. These do not have to be 5 consecutive days and in fact the advantages of it not being 5 consecutive days will be covered in another lesson.

This program works in conjunction with “Amazon Prime” (AP) accounts. AP accounts are paid accounts that entitle the account holder to, amongst other things, borrow Kindle books enrolled in the KS program and to do so for free. They are able to do so directly from their Kindle device, which provides an option indicating which books they are able to borrow for free.


The advantage to you is this – even though you do not receive any royalties while the book is being offered for free, the increased exposure can result in increased purchases and in increased number of reviews, both of which are profitable to you.

How you get a piece of the fund is through borrows. You may get a thousand downloads during this free period and only a small percentage of that may be borrows but that can still prove to be a benefit. You can read more details on this via your KDP dashboard, including the formula used to calculate your payment from borrows, etc.

So to sum it up, the benefits to you for enrolling your books in the KS program are free promotions of your books and access to the KS fund. Not bad for just simply clicking an option.


There are some eligibility factors to be aware of. One such factor is that your content must be very unique. Even if you didn’t borrow content from another source, if your content is not unique enough from other material out there then Amazon will not approve that book for the KS program.

All things considered, though, if your book does get approved into the KS program, you ‘ll be able to track the number of borrows via the Bookshelf page on your KDP dashboard.


While the benefits to enrolling your books into the KS program seem nominal at best, rest assured that the increased exposure and increased number of reviews are excellent promotional factors that can never be underestimated.

That said, it is a simple matter to enroll your book (simple selection of a single option) so you might as well do it. You’ll not regret doing so.


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