Why use Kindle?


Why use Kindle?


This lesson is to serve as an introduction to this training system’s Kindle module. It will provide you with some background info and details on Kindle which will answer the question “Why Kindle”. Finally, the latter portion of the lesson will go into what will be covered in the coming lessons of this module.


To really appreciate the value of Kindle and why you should be involved with it, let’s consider some of the following details:

•    Amazon first went online in 1995

•    Kindle was introduced in 2007

•    Only four years later, Kindle Books outsold paperbacks. This does not include free books, which factor into the level of Kindle activity. It is estimated now that Kindle Books outsell paperbacks 3 to 1.

•    Amazon has over 200 million credit cards on file. A lot of these card owners are buying Kindle devices and Kindle books, or are waiting to purchase books not already Kindle-ready, which a lot of books aren’t.

Kindle “Magic”

As you can tell, Kindle is an incredibly successful platform and worth getting involved with.

There is also the “Kindle Magic” to inspire you to see the very attractive opportunity Kindle provides:

•    You are able to become a published author in 5 minutes. The distribution is already there for whatever product, keyword, category or whatever you want to target on Amazon, with literally millions ready to find your book.

•    You are able to compete – and BEAT – big name authors in a relatively short period of time. With about an hour’s worth of work, and going through the Promotion module and promotion info you find in the Kindle module, you’ll be able to beat just about any author.

•    You can also get MASSIVE SEO leverage. Since Amazon has so much power as far as SEO is concerned, you can get top rankings for some pretty competitive keywords within a couple of days. Using a conventional website could take years to achieve the same result.


As already stated, Kindle provides a very attractive business opportunity. Despite being already so successful and relatively established, and backed by the powerhouse reputation of Amazon, business opportunities with Kindle are far from saturated for the following reasons:

•    The market is still wide open. Though it has been around since 2007, people tend not to catch on very fast, leaving this market wide open for those seeing the opportunity and willing to seize it.

•    Kindle has over 1 million books but there is still plenty of opportunity in categories such as:

o Recipes
o Health and Fitness
o Fiction
o Dating & Relationships
o Survival
o Puzzles
o … just about anything! If a book can be associated with it, Kindle is there. The above are just a few of the niches we’ll talk about in this module.

•    Huge mispricing opportunities – because of the mispricing by others, you can capitalize by establishing great and profit-rendering price points on your book submissions.

•    Competition is weak and uneducated – not in intelligence but in how to market and sell books on Kindle. This module will teach you just about everything you need to know to absolutely crush that kind of competition.


Now that we’ve answered the “why” part of dealing with Kindle, here’s the list of “what” you will learn in order to really take advantage of the opportunity that Kindle presents:

•    How to choose HOT niches for Kindle

•    How to create covers that KILL your competition (for $5 or even free)

•    How to get books written in 24 hours with less than 30 minutes of work (to edit and publish, even on subjects you know absolutely nothing about)

•    How to research exactly what people want (and put that in the book so when they download your book they see they are getting exactly what they were looking for)

•    How to promote your book to get top rankings and massive purchases (a key part of this training module and the Promotion module)


Now that you’re aware of Kindle’s start, the Kindle ‘magic’, the great opportunities that are presently available on Kindle and the areas covered in the rest of this module, you should hopefully be inspired to continue through the training on your way to great profit with Kindle.

Once you’re done with this module, be sure to also check out the Promotion module as there will certainly be details there that can be very helpful.


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