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How to create and bundle merchandise to win the buy box every time By: Skip McGrath

A special report for members of The Proven Amazon Course

If you can win the buy box on Amazon, the chances of your goods selling quickly increase about one thousand percent. One way to win the buy box is to have the lowest price. When you ship something to FBA and price it, you don’t have to be the lowest price to win the buy box, but your price has to be as low as other sellers plus their shipping. For example, look at this item:

This is the seller in the buy box. He is selling this toy helicopter for $20.05 and it is fulfilled by Amazon. If you click on the link that says 33 new from $17.99 you will see this seller below.

invoyHis price is only $17.99, but he also charges $6.99 shipping for a total of $24.98. He is $4.93 more expensive. Now remember only Amazon Prime members get 2-day free shipping. So if you were not a Prime member and you bought the helicopter in the buy box you would also pay 6.99 shipping on top of that, but Amazon still gives this seller the buy box as they almost always feature the lowest price item that is available to Prime members -in other words FBA merchants get a boost over those who ship themselves.

So all of that looks good until you realize that both of these sellers are not making much money. I happen to know the wholesale price of these helicopters when purchased in quantity is about $14.00 each. So the FBA seller with the buy box is only making about $2.60 after Amazon fees. You have to sell a lot of helicopters to make a mortgage payment with that.

So how would you like to own the buy box without any competitors and charge what you want? The answer is to create a bundle -and Amazon will help you do that.

If you scroll down the page below the product description, you will see a box entitled: Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought.


who boughtSo some folks bought more than one model helicopter but look at the third item. A lot of folks paid $5.50 for a charger.

So, why not create a new item on Amazon called:

Syma S107/S107G R/C Helicopter – Blue with 110V Charger

As you know when you want to sell something on Amazon, you type (or scan] the UPC code into the sell box.


add productthe problem you have is that there is no UPC code for this new product. But that’s an easy fix.

There are several vendors who sell UPC codes. My favorite is an outfit called Bar Codes Talk – Here is their price sheet.

upcAs you can see, if you need just one bar code it’s $9.95. But, buy ten of them and the price drops to $7.45 each. Buy a hundred and they only cost $1.95 each.

I usually purchase ten at a time. Bar Codes Talk sends them to you on an excel spread sheet so all you do is enter the product and there you go. You now have a unique UPC Code for a unique product.

upc table


The first two products are a line of olive oil that I have an exclusive arrangement on to sell on Amazon. The seller didn’t have bar codes so I created them.

The third item is a Pasta Machine Set that I created by bundling. The original product was just the hand cranked pasta machine, and the accessories were sold separately. So I added the attachments and created a whole new product. Now I am not competing with the other sellers who are selling just the machines (about 60 different sellers).


toy1However, doing this is not a guarantee against competition -it just makes it a little more difficult for them. Here is an example. This is a knife set that I created. I was selling the individual knives and I had about a dozen competitors including


This outfit, TheCookPro copied me and is selling them also. But since we sell at the same price, we tend to share the buy box. (As this was written I am sold out of these and waiting for more stock). This product has been one of my all time best sellers. The sales rank is only 115,000 -but I still sell 2 or 3 of these a week when I have them in stock.

Using Your Imagination

You can bundle almost anything. If you look at this listing you will see this:


I can source those magnetic knife bars from the same place I get the knives, so it would be easy for me to create an item that includes the knife bar. Now I have a $208 sale instead of a $197 sale -and I own the buy box. Or, if I assume someone buying these knives is a Guy Fieri fan, I could add his book:



That adds $17 to my price for a total of $214.04. Actually since I own the buy box, I can charge anything I want. Since I would have these in FBA I would probably charge something like $219.95. That little difference covers my FBA storage and handling fees.

Here are some bundling ideas:

■    If you are selling something that runs on batteries, just add the batteries to create a new item

■    Or, add an extra battery. Say for example, you were selling an electric drill. An extra battery comes in handy as one can be charging while the other is in use.

■    Add an accessory – case for a camera, sewing bobbins for a sewing machine, extra bags for a vaccum cleaner, etc.

■    Create new sets of things such as a vegatable peeler and a pairing knife.

■    Bundle larger quantities. Here is a photo of a hot sauce that I sell on Amazon. I decided to sell them as set of two bottles. Since I created the item, I can decide to change it at any time. If another competitor came along and listed two bottles, I could just go in and change it to three or back to one.


So just use your imagination. Believe me -although this is a little work, its well worth the effort. Of all the items I am selling on Amazon, my unique items are by far the more profitable and they sell faster.

Happy Bundling

Skip McGrath


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