Writing an Irresistible Product Description


To sell your product, you must differentiate your offer.

Amazon limits product descriptions to 2000 characters, and you want to maximize that space.

To do so, be sure to include the headline from your title at the beginning of your product description. Then write the rest as a sales letter focused on what the customer is going to get and why they want to buy this product from you.

To learn what your customers might need and want, research your competitors’ reviews. Find specific things you can put into your description to better sell to your customers.

To succeed at building and marketing your own brand of physical products and using Amazon to sell and launch that brand, you need to get buyers to take action.

The key is copywriting.

Copywriting is the writing of copy (text) to advertise/market a product, service, business, person, opinion, or idea. This involves putting words together in a way that can be used in video, Amazon product descriptions and titles, and other places to get someone to take action on your advertised/marketed product.

Your buyers first experience your product through your sales copy.

They see your product in a list of other products (e.g. following a keyword search on Amazon), and based on how effectively you’ve written your product title (which is like a headline in a newspaper), they will be drawn to click on your product link, read your product description (which is basically all sales copy), and — because of good copywriting — will purchase your product.

You want them to take a specific action (e.g., purchase your product, write a review), and good copywriting is how you get them to do it.

Copywriting Basics

The objective of copywriting is to overcome buying resistance and get a person to take action. You’re asking the buyer to take money out of their pockets and give it to you, and you have to somehow overcome their resistance.

The strategies and principles of copywriting are rooted in psychology and have been tested over more than 100 years, on millions of products and ads. They really work. So apply what you learn here, and your sales will improve.

Universal Motivations

When buying products, people everywhere are motivated by common needs and desires. Think about how these apply to your product as you craft your product title, description, and more:

■    To be wealthy

■    To be popular

■    To be good looking

■    Love/relationships/sex

■    Security

■    To have freedom/free time

■    To be healthy

■    To have fun

Which one of these applies most to your product/target buyer?

 Description Formula and Overview of Core Components

■    Headline/Sub-headlines

–    Grab Attention

–    Search Google for “great advertising headlines”

–    See how others market with great headlines on Amazon

■    Problem

–    Include bulleted list of pain points

–    Read reviews to discover problems other customers have

■    Solution

–    Include bulleted list of benefits/features

–    Make your product claims – what will this product do for them?

–    State that your product will solve their problem (no false claims)

■    Credibility

–    Establish credibility of you, your business, your brand (make them comfortable to buy)

–    Mention anything that sets you apart, such as quality of manufacturer and high standards

■    Benefits, then Features

–    Include the main benefit: what will your product do for them?

–    State features after so they know what they are buying

■    Social Proof

–    Extremely important for selling

–    Number of happy customers, quotes from experts, etc.

–    Can focus on the product, not necessarily your brand

–    Use reviews from friends and family

■    Offer

–    What exactly do they get?

–    Do not put price again in the description

–    Bonuses such as eBook, membership site

–    Differentiate = key to premium pricing

•    Guarantee

–    Remove all risk from buying

–    Money-back guarantee (make as strong as possible)

–    Lifetime warranty, one-year warranty, 90-day guarantee

–    This is beyond Amazon’s 30-day, money-back guarantee

–    The majority of customers will not take you up on this

•    Scarcity

–    People are motivated by the fear of loss and hate to miss out on stuff

–    We love getting deals

–    Limited supply, special limited time promotion, limited time bonuses

•    Call to Action

–    Tell them exactly what to do right now

–    Always assume the sale (e.g., “When you click the buy button…”)

Here is a sample description for the fogless shower mirror.

sample descriptionFogless Shower Mirror for Anti Fog Shaving Enhance Your Shave Experience Now!

•    Are you sick of dogging your sink drain from excess hair?

•    Does your daily shaving cause messy sinks?

•    Do you want to shave in the shower but your mirror always fogs up?

Introducing Your Very Own Luvable Bath Shower Mirror to the Rescue!

•    Designed to be fog-free in the shower.

•    Shatter proof in case it drops, but designed not to fall.

•    Easy to install and clean with a squeegee.

•    Includes a razor hook for easy storage.

Amazon Buyers Trust Our Luvable Bath Brand to be Quality Premium Products.

You are Backed by Our Lifetime Warranty too!

We Can not Guarantee this Special Pricing, So Be Sure to Click Buy Now!

Now let’s look at how to use the HTML template to make your description look like this.

HTML Description Template

To make sure your description is formatted in a style that looks good and is easy for your customers to read, download the HTML product description template that you’ll find in this lesson. It is a notepad file that allows you to include some basic code that makes your description look good.

html template

The HTML code in this template includes things like P for paragraph break and B for bold. Don’t touch any of the code, just insert your content (e.g., headline, sub-headline) in the appropriate places.

 Play around with this. Don’t try to get too technical. This is just some basic code to use. Here’s what it looks like with all the content plugged in.

example html descriptionThis is how it looks with the code. It has code around your main headline and sub-headline, three bullets, the introduction of your product, more bullets, a page break before the social proof and warranty. Then, the call to action with scarcity are at the bottom.

Here is what it’s going to look like in your Amazon product page under description. Notice how things are broken up nicely, some things are in bold, and there are bullet lists with dashes. It looks nice. It’s easy to read and different things stand out.

easy readOf course, if you are more experienced with HTML code you can do more. Just keep in mind that every time you use a different character (including code) it counts as one of the characters, and you have a 2000 character limit here.

If you don’t use code, you description will look like this.

description lookThis is the exact same information, just unformatted. Notice the difference between the two, and you’ll see how using a little HTML code can make a big difference.


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